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Matthew Lush

Unisex Black I Am Me

Unisex Black I Am Me

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This tee features this in white lettering:

i am human. i am young. i am tall. i am short.
i am thin. i am fat. i am black. i am white.
i am blond. i am brunette. i am rich. i am poor.
i am a boy. i am a girl. i don’t know. i am sexy.
i am gay. i am bisexual. i am lesbian. i am straight.
i am christian. i am jewish. i am muslim.
i dream. i wish. i smile. i laugh. i cry. i hurt.
i work. i play. i am a son. i am a daughter.
i am a mother. i am a father. i make mistakes.
i vote. i bleed. i love. i am here. i am me.

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